Grievance Submission

A grievance submission is not intended for clinical inquiries or for emergencies; if you are in an emergency or crisis situation please call 9-1-1 or one of the following numbers based on your location: City of Berkeley: 510-981-5244 Kern County: 1-800-991-5272 Los Angeles County: 800-854-7771 Marin County: 415-473-6666 (Crisis Stabilization Unit) Modoc County: 800-699-4880 or 530-233-6312 Mono County: 800-687-1101 Monterey County: 1-888-258-6029 Orange County: 866-830-6011 Riverside County: 800-660-3570 San Francisco County: 415-781-0500 San Mateo: 650-579-0350 Santa Barbara County: 888-868-1649 Tehama County: 1-800-240-3208 Tri-City: 866-623-9500 To submit a grievance please fill out the form below. CalMHSA accepts grievances related to [email protected] collaborative initiatives, CalMHSA hosted events & meetings, reports provided by CalMHSA, [email protected] legal questions, or matters related to the use of technology in mental health systems (not specific to a city/county). Grievances related specifically to a city/county’s implementation of a product, use of funds, choice and use of technology or any other city/county specific items should be submitted directly to the city/county you are working with. For a list of counties participating in the [email protected] project you can find more information View pdf. Please do not include personal identifiable information or personal health information in your submission form. CalMHSA cannot guarantee the protection of personal or sensitive information. Please note, CalMHSA will accept all grievances but only has the capacity to respond to grievances in English.