Connecting people to care

Transforming emotional wellness across Riverside County & beyond with technology

Connecting people to care

We're transforming emotional wellness in a world that is beginning to recognize the importance of mind and body health


We’re bringing cultural competency to the forefront


We’re collaborating with other counties to expand innovation


We’re testing out new digital solutions to help people feel better

Improve Lives​

We’re creating outreach & engagement opportunities

We’re helping people feel better by creating technology with a human touch

By imagining and innovating new technology to connect people to care.
Whenever, wherever.

Detect and acknowledge mental health sooner
Reduce stigma around mental wellness by promoting mental wellness ​
Increase access to the appropriate level of support and care
Increase purpose, belonging and social connectedness of individuals served​
Analyze and collect data to improve mental health needs assessment and service delivery

Our programs are answering a need in Riverside County and beyond through innovative technology

Feeling better is now as easy as connecting with a peer operator

Through programs like Take my Hand. We’re making connecting to a caring listener as easy as 1, 2….chat!

Connecting to care with a touch

We’re bringing emotional wellness support to everyone with a myriad of kiosks that can be used to access your innovative programs.

Creating awareness and reaching out to our community county-wide

Through traditional outdoor advertising, digital and social media marketing we’re increasing awareness and interaction with our programs.

Spreading awareness about mental wellness

With informative infographics and our wellness catalog we’re making information accessible–and beautiful.

Helping people stay safe in the digital world

Online digital literacy videos

With brief, basic skills video tutorials we’re empowering California communities to make informed decisions about how they engage with technology.

ASL digital literacy videos

Empowering California ASL communities to make informed decisions about how they engage with technology.

A4i Pilot

We’re helping people connect and stay connected to care by piloting the innovative wellness app–App for Independence.

[email protected] is bringing new technology with a human touch to contribute to the mental wellness of Riverside County and beyond


This website is not monitored 24/7. If you’re in need of immediate assistance call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. If emergency medical care is needed, call 9-1-1 or go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.



[email protected] Riverside is a California city and county Collaborative created to determine if and how technology fits within the behavioral health system of care.


The vision of Help@Hand Riverside is to save lives and improve the wellbeing of Californians by integrating promising technologies and lived experiences to open doors to mental health support and wellbeing.

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