August 2021 Stakeholder Webinar

The [email protected] Collaborative held a webinar on August 24th to share the latest updates on the [email protected] Innovation Project. 

This webinar was developed to connect California communities to this digital initiative. Different members of the project offered an overview of [email protected], shared local success stories, highlighted learnings, and offered a preview what’s coming up next for the project.

The recording of this webinar is available now.

Closed Captioning will be available soon.*

Q&A Responses

During the webinar the audience submitted questions for the Q&A portion of the webinar. These questions were captured and the responses have been included in full.

This is the link to the (PDF) of the August 24, 2021 Webinar Question and Answer responses.

Presentation Slides

This is the link to the August 24, 2021 Stakeholder Update presentation slides(PDF).

Connect with us!

If you have any additional questions please let us know, you can reach the team at [email protected]

You can also refer to our latest stakeholder update and evaluation reports at this link (webpage) to visit the reports page and view the FAQ’s with this link(webpage).

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